Situated in the Eastern Mediterranean at the hub of three continents and linking Europe with Africa and Asia, Cyprus is one hour by air from Athens, Egypt and Israel, three hours from Dubai and Moscow and four hours from London and is prominently featured on the list of countries that are safe and ideal to travel, live, study, operate, work or retire in.

The popularity of Cyprus stems from several factors, such as its European Union membership, strategic location, first–rate infrastructure, political respectability, free market economy, high standard of living, very low crime rate, enjoyable climate, low operational cost, skilled workforce, well–functioning common and European law legal system, British and European model banking system, advantageous tax system, extensive double taxation treaties networth, excellent high level established foreign schools and universities operating in English and Russian languages.

Having several decades of established diplomatic, business and religious relations between Cyprus and Russia and between their citizens, Cyprus has become the centre of attention of the Russian and other Russian speaking citizens.

Russian speaking citizens can benefit from the new Permanent Residentship or Citizenship by investment which allows for the naturalization of them and of their dependents along with the Permanent Residence Permit programme.

Headed by the Russian speaking Alexandrina Buceatchi, our Firm’s Russia Desk is well respected and renowned for leading by example in the field and our high caliber and experienced lawyers together with our Russian speaking and other talented personnel ensure first class service and results.

In particular, AAGEORGHIOU LLC was one of the first law firms in the Republic of Cyprus to have successfully applied, secured and delivered Cyprus (EU) passports to Russian speaking high–networth individuals and their family dependents.

Moreover, being a one–stop–full legal and paralegal services boutique Law Firm, AAG is capable of delivering secure and compliant cross–border legal and wealth management solutions, as well as to coordinate international business structures, trust and private banking matters for our Russian and other Russian speaking clients.